Scots Look Forward to Faslane International Rally as UN Nuke Ban Treaty Enters its Second Year

Today, Saturday 7th July the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) will be a year old and Scottish campaigners are marking the occasion by gearing up for the international NAE NUKES ANYWHERE March and Rally at Faslane on 22nd September.

The TPNW is the latest UN nuclear disarmament treaty and already enough UN member states have signed up for it to enter into force as soon as they ratify it by putting it into their legal system. It has already been ratified by 11 of the signed-up states – showing a rate exceeding that of comparable treaties. It is a game-changer for global nuclear disarmament, advocating an immediate ban, and follows the pattern of other significant ban treaties affecting chemical weapons, landmines and cluster munitions. By outlawing these weapons, the treaties have given them pariah status.

Janet Fenton SCND Vice Chair who worked for the treaty, said

Scotland has a very special position and role in relation to the TPNW. We are a distinct and significant part of a nuclear-armed state which so far has refused to engage with the TPNW, but at both parliamentary and popular level we Scots reject nuclear weapons and would sign and ratify the Treaty if that were possible. We want to be part of the global community which knows that when it comes to nukes the whole planet faces risk of mass annihilation and starvation until these weapons are banned and eliminated. This issue is not the preserve of the nuclear-armed states. That is why we will be at Faslane on 22nd September.

NAE NUKES ANYWHERE is an international event and platform speakers will be international visitors who have all been working across the world for the TPNW. They will be there to encourage Scots to continue their struggle against the UK’s nuclear arsenal. There will be travellers from South Korea, Russia, France, Israel, Germany, Spain and the US.

Travelling from Israel will be Sharon Dolev of the Israeli Disarmament Movement who said:

I am going to Scotland for the 22 September in solidarity with the campaigners and the politicians in Scotland in their efforts to disarm the first of the nuclear armed states – the UK- that is going to be made to give up the nuclear weapons they keep in Scotland – Happy first birthday TPNW, and good luck to all of us!

The March and Rally begins at noon at Faslane Peace Camp, close to the south entrance of the Trident submarine base.

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