Nae Nukes Rally

  • NAE NUKES ANYWHERE! – International Rally at Faslane 22nd September 2018

    Marching from the Peace Camp to the North Gate of the base for the rally, a distance of around a mile.

    The aim of the rally is to to highlight the strength of support from many UN member states for Scotland, a country hosting nuclear weapons against its wishes. Scotland is unique as a significant and relatively autonomous part of a nuclear-armed state which opposes its possession of weapons of mass destruction. As things stand we cannot become a party to the new UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons but there are lots of ways in which we can align ourselves to the Treaty. The September rally will be a fine opportunity to mark our determination to do so.

    The rally will feature speakers from many countries. Confirmed to date are: Sharon Dolev (Israel), Founding director of the Israeli Disarmament Movement, Ekatrina Earsalovna (Russia), Professor of International Relation, Ural Federal University, Anthony Donovan, writer, organiser and documentary maker on peace and disarmament from New York, Emad Kiyaei (Iran), a consultant who provides political, business and civil society leaders with strategic advice in the intersection of political risk, diplomacy and technology, Maaike Beenes (The Netherlands), a young campaigner with PAX in the Netherlands, Members of the People’s Democratic Party (South Korea) who visited Scotland as part of their Peace Expedition, Allison Pytlak (Reaching Critical Will), who was awarded, along with Ray Acheson, the UN Women’s Champion for Change status this year for their advocacy in the campaign for the TPNW and Timmon Wallis (United States) – National Co-ordinator of NuclearBan.US. Visitors are also expected from Kazakhstan and France.

    We really need to make this a huge event to show the level of international support for Scotland’s opposition to nukes and to present a clear challenge to the UK Government to sign the TPNW, enter negotiations and scrap their nuclear policies. We also need to re-assert our vision for Scotland as a land free of weapons of mass destruction and energetic in our support for their removal from the UK and the whole world.

    As well as the rally itself there will be other events over that weekend to take advantage of the presence of campaigners from far and wide.

    For more info email

  • There are two main bits to making this work. One is the process of inviting and welcoming international campaigners to the event. We already have commitments from the US, from Israel, from France and from Germany and we are hopeful of Japan and Korea and others. The international invitations are going out via ICAN in Scotland but many Scots will have their own international contacts who could respond to personal invitations.

    The second thing is get get groups from all over the Scotland and the UK to begin to spread the word in their own backyard, to gather a group committed to the day, to have prep. workshops to make banners etc. to organise transport. We know this can be done! It has been done in the past as groups from all over have brought their own contributions to the protest in wonderfully varied and imaginative ways.

    Some people have already made some suggestions about what needs to be done. We need this to be a broadly based and inclusive process, with a committed and flexible working group and there is plenty to get on with between now and the next meeting, like getting started with organising buses, setting up workshops and meetings to promote NAE NUKES ANYWHERE, media suggestions, help with finding venues in Glasgow or Edinburgh for convergence centres, thinking about banner-making and a team to think creatively about decorating the fence, puppets and props, sounds and sandwiches, tea and transport! Please email this address and let us know if you can offer help and or suggestions. We will also need hosts for International visitors, guide book on Scottish disarmament, and work to ensure our parliamentarians join in when the speakers will all be the internationals!

    And on the day itself we will need folk to help with the stewarding of the march and to take on support and welfare tasks at the rally, such as being one of the people who knows what the programme and arrangements are, or helping at one of the stalls.

    If you are happy to help in any of the ways described above, or others that you have thought about, please drop us an email on

    Faslane Peace Camp are organising banner-making workshops in preparation for the Rally. DETAILS

  • As well as the opportunity to hear our international visitors right at the North Gate there will be a number of stalls close by as well as a cafe serving hot drinks and eatables on a donation basis. There will be portable toilets at the entrance to the cemetery car park.

    Accommodation. Two sorts of people will need accommodation. Right now we are seeking comfortable and convenient home-stays for our international visitors, and ideally these hosts could manage transport for their guests and generally “mind” them. If you can help with this please email

    We have also arranged more basic accommodation in a church hall for Friday 21st and/or Saturday 22nd where you bring your own sleeping bag and mat, ready to sleep on the floor. Register for this here.

    You can also keep in touch and share practical accommodation ideas on the Facebook Page

  • The best advice is to use one of the organised buses or public transport, if you can. Parking can be problematic around the base.

    By organised bus

    Buses are already organised from Glasgow and Edinburgh and we expect details from other places soon, as arranged by local CND and other groups.

    From Glasgow

    From Edinburgh, organised by Edinburgh CND

    From Edinburgh, organised by Edinburgh Yes Hub, email for details and booking. Pick-up point is Edinburgh Yes Hub, 31 Lasswade Rd, Edinburgh EH16 6TD

    By Public Transport
    Trains leave from Glasgow Queen St Low-level every half -hour or so. One leaves Glasgow at 10.32, reaching Helensburgh at 11.15. (Note: this train can be got from Edinburgh Waverley at 9.21.) The number 316 bus leaves from opposite Helensburgh railway station at 11.30, arriving at the Peace Camp about 14 minutes later. You can get the 316 back from Faslane every half hour (on the hour and half-hour) until 7.30.

    By road
    Take the M8 through Glasgow city centre and leave at Junction 17 (towards Dumbarton). At traffic lights, turn right onto the Great Western Road (A82), follow this road out of Glasgow. Approaching Dumbarton take left turn signposted for Helensburgh (A814). Continue through Dumbarton on to Helensburgh. Stay on the A814 through Helensburgh, Rhu and on to Faslane, 5 miles north of Helensburgh.


    If you plan to come by car, please note that there are parking restrictions around the base. There is limited parking near the South Gate, at the Peace Camp, which is close to the South Gate. Best parking here is on the Slip Road parallel to the A814 before the Peace Camp (turn right at the sign for Linnburn. Please don’t block driveways) There is some parking in Garelochhead (one mile walk back to the North Gate) or you could park in the Pier car park in Helensburgh and take public transport to the rally. Spaces will be reserved at the Cemetery Car Park near the North Gate for people with access needs coming by car but please contact us in advance to let us know of your needs so we can plan to make adequate arrangements.

    You can also keep in touch and share practical travel ideas on the Facebook Page

  • If you want to make a donation please visit this crowdfunding page or send a cheque/donation to Scottish CND