The National – “SNP MSP to take a seat at international anti-nuclear weapon conference” Bill Kidd MSP will be attending the upcoming MSP for the TPNW. Cited in the article above, Kidd said: “Senator McPhedran and I look forward to strengthening the Scottish Canadian joint efforts towards nuclear disarmament, and will be proactively engaged in the 1st MSP meeting at the United Nations, Continue Reading

Humanitarianism set to take precedence in global nuclear discourse in Vienna

Russia’s continued invasion into Ukraine has brought the conversation regarding nuclear disarmament into the public consciousness once again. As Putin’s unhindered invasion has proven that nuclear weapons do not serve as a deterrent for war, and instead serve as a deterrent for counter-actions, people are more willing to reconsider their Continue Reading

How to actively engage with the First Meeting of States Parties as a member of the public

​​The First Meeting of States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) at the United Nations International Centre in Vienna is the first opportunity for countries which have already prohibited any nuclear weapons activity to get together and firm up the blueprint for a nuclear weapons-free Continue Reading