Recent Scottish media coverage around the TPNW in October 2020

19th October, 2020

Prep piece by David Mackenzie in Source News

21st October, 2020

Prep piece by David Mackenzie in the Scottish Review

22nd October, 2020

Prep Piece by Janet Fenton in the National

25th October, 2020

Blog by Dr Craig Dalziel (Lead researcher for Commonwealth and Commentator on Constitutional and Economic affairs)

Mike Small of Bella Caledonia -Pariah Weapons – Hope in the Darkness for a Nuclear-free World (incorporating SCND Press release)

Trident Ploughshares Celebration at Faslane in the National

27th October, 2020

Lesley Morrison of Medact in The Herald

Greens to push for independent Scotland to back nuclear ban

Marian Pallister in Source News

28th October, 2020

Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh in the National – the TPNW and removing UK weapons from Scotland