Huge Boost for the TPNW from 56 former National and NATO Leaders

As the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) edges ever closer to becoming international law, it has just received a huge and significant endorsement. Fifty-six former presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers and defence ministers from 20 NATO member … Continue reading

UN International Peace Day

Working for Peace is a conversation for the peace movement, to mark the UN International Day for Peace. In the past,WILPF and Scottish CND have organised panel events at the Scottish Parliament to mark this day – not possible this … Continue reading

Call on First Minister to Thank Ireland for Ratifying the TPNW

On 6th August, as the world commemorated the destruction of Hiroshima by a nuclear bomb, Ireland ratified the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. As a member of the EU it now stands in good counterbalance to the French … Continue reading


The international campaigners for the abolition of nuclear weapons (ICAN) only need the last seven final ratifications and nuclear weapons will be outlawed as indiscriminate and inhumane as germ warfare and mustard gas. This year is the 75th anniversary of … Continue reading


The Treaty is set to enter into force soon,only seven of the many UN member states already working on ratification of the TPNW need to completethe task before it enters into force. It’s time to ensure that every town council … Continue reading

Scottish First Minister Confirms Rejection of Nuclear Weapons and Support for the Nuclear Ban Treaty

ICAN in Scotland1 Scottish First Minister Confirms Rejection of Nuclear Weapons and Support for the Nuclear Ban Treaty The Scottish First Minister, in her reply to a letter from Setsuko Thurlow, who at the age of 13 survived the US … Continue reading

Hiroshima survivor writes to First Minister and a Wee Postcard to the UN

Today, 7th July, is the the third anniversary of the adoption by overwhelming vote at the United Nations of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). The initiative to seek a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons … Continue reading

Disarming Women From Paris

In February the YesHub in Edinburgh supported three folk to join the Paris Forum organised by ICAN France. Three (very different) women went to Paris thanks to the sponsorship. Anna Karisto is currently pursuing a nuclear disarmament internship with Edinburgh … Continue reading

US “usable” nukes and war game a wake-up call for the world

Almost every week seems to bring us closer to the edge of nuclear catastrophe, most recently the news that the US is deploying the weapons and doing the war games for “limited” nuclear war. There are however signs, albeit small, … Continue reading

The US/UK Warhead Deal

In is important to note that the missiles on the UK nuclear weapon submarines are not British but are leased from the US. Indeed the UK does not have the facility to remove the missiles from its four Vanguard class … Continue reading