The 22nd of January 2022 marks one year since the entry into force for the TPNW. Alongside the events planned to commemorate the occasion, this anniversary presents an opportunity to look back on the different ways in which Scottish partner organisations celebrated the entry into force last year.

Alongside a massive online storm of celebrations and amazing social media output, billboards were placed all around Scotland declaring the outlaw of nuclear weapons (pictured above)

Whilst numerous in-person plans to mark the EiF had to be cancelled because of Covid-19 regulations, members of the Centre for Nuclear Disarmament got active online instead. To celebrate the 50th ratification, supporters across the country posted on social media creative images of the CND peace sign. In the run up to entry into force, they arranged a virtual lobby of MPs, which has seen hundreds of supporters raise the issue with their representatives. We launched an EDM as another way of raising the issue in Parliament. A new petition was launched, and new campaigning materials published. 

(above) photos submitted by members of Scottish CND celebrating the EiF

Penny Stone – created this YouTube video celebrating the EiF

To mark the TPNW EiF, MEDACT worked with members of their Nuclear Weapons Group to work on a social media action joining in the global Twitter storm, and to support members to get in contact with their local press. On the day, Medact and their members took part in the social media action, with a graphic and tweet highlighting the health community’s response to the TPNW EiF, and posted photos of our members with ICAN flags outside their homes. 

Articles and letters were published in 4 regional newspapers with comments by our members, detailing local celebrations for the EiF. We published a blog by one of our members who is a veteran campaigner against nuclear weapons paying homage to the medical roots of the anti-nuclear movement 

Trident Ploughshares

Image credit to Double Take Projections

To mark the EiF, campaigners from Trident Ploughshares projected images and slogans onto key Edinburgh buildings, as part of the worldwide celebration. The images were projected onto the Scottish Parliament, the government building at Victoria Quay, the Tron on the Royal Mile, and, as a special challenge to the UK government which has refused to acknowledge the Treaty, on the new Scotland Office building in New Street.

And finally, members of all organisations were encouraged to get out and celebrate the EiF by banging pots, ringing bells, or making signs. Pictured below are some of the many varied celebrations that people took part in.