PEACE IS THE PRIZE Celebrating the ICAN Nobel Peace Award 9th to 11th December

The Scottish Scrap Trident Coalition is calling for Scotland-wide celebrations of the ICAN Nobel Peace Award on the weekend of the 8th to 11th December

On Sunday 10th December the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) will receive the Nobel Peace Prize at a ceremony in Oslo. The award is for the campaign’s critical contribution to the new UN Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons. Already the Treaty has been signed by 53 UN member states and it will come into force as soon as 50 states have ratified it.

Next year, there will be a big International Peace Rally at Faslane, but meantime we want to mark receiving the award on 10th December.

That is the weekend when all of us can share the story of how campaigners across the world got the UN to write a treaty to ban nuclear weapons, a story that includes the survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the millions of people affected by nuclear weapons testing and nuclear accidents, and a chance for peace lovers to take an hour out, and to envisage the world they are working for, when nuclear weapons will finally be eliminated. The Nobel prize is for everyone involved in that process.

The Scrap Trident Coalition is inviting people all over Scotland to throw a PEACE IS THE PRIZE! Party, where they choose a way to celebrate the occasion and to share their contribution to the party on social media. The sharing will also stretch beyond our borders and it will be great to show the world just how much it means to us in Scotland to be part of that majority world that is determined to end the nuclear threat for once and for all.

The party can take place indoors or outside, in a pub or on the street, or even in your own home. And then we share what we do. Make banners or make cakes. Upload your pictures and tune in to the events in Oslo on line. There will be loads coming in on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram over the weekend – about the award ceremony, the parade, the concert, all part of being the NOBEL PEACE LAUREATE.

Everyone can take some pictures or videos and upload them on Facebook and Twitter and tell the world how you are celebrating, anytime from Friday the 8th December through till Monday 11th. Don’t forget to share with scraptrident on Facebook and Twitter and make sure to use the hashtags #nuclearban #TPNW Watch out for Scottish participation! A special song and some funky images and some interesting locations are already in the pipeline. If you can let us know what your plans will be we can work on getting a bit of media attention on the weekend.

We hope you will want to get active for Peace is The Prize and to share your plans and, when the time comes, some messages and pictures.

To get details of the song when its ready and to use the new graphics when they are done, get in touch and let Scrap Trident know via a private message on the ScrapTrident Facebook page or by sending an  email to

For Scrap Trident

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Twitter account is @ScrapTrident  #ScrapTrident  #nuclearban
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