Scottish Makar Jackie Kay will give the Scottish welcome to the international disarmament campaigners who will address the NAE NUKES ANYWHERE Rally at Faslane on Saturday, 22nd September, in a celebration of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).

The welcome will be shared with Kathy Galloway. Kathy, the first woman to be elected as leader of the Iona Community was a key player in the Scottish Constitutional Convention and is known for her ability to embed the values of peace in civil society contexts. Also on stage will be Scottish musicians, including Adam Holmes, Pauline Bradley and Bobby Nicolson. The core of the Rally will be addresses by advocates for the TPNW from the US, Russia, Iran, The Netherlands, Israel, and Germany.

Janet Fenton, chair of Scottish CND, which has organised the rally said:

Kathy and Jackie are women of foresight, integrity and compassion. In their different spheres they articulate our aspirations for a Scotland that can contribute to peace and justice everywhere. Jackie is not only a poet of eloquence and our chosen Scottish Makar, she is an internationalist who knows and understands our culture. We are very pleased that they will welcome these amazing international visitors who have all campaigned in their own countries. Representing SCND and others in Scotland, I have worked with our visitors in meetings and conferences in many places, eventually at the United Nations in Geneva and New York, and all of us share the same goal. They are coming here to support us.

Anthony Donovan, a writer, organiser and documentary maker from New York said:

I was deeply moved by the Scottish contingent in NYC last year helping to get the Ban Treaty adopted. When I learned that all of the UK’s nuclear arsenal was in your land against the will of the majority, I wanted to support in any way possible the brave, courageous, wise leaders that each of you are. Instead of clicking another “like” on FB, I hoped to say a profound thank you personally. Greatly honored to be here with you.”

The TPNW was adopted by overwhelming vote at the UN on 7th July 2017 and has already achieved 59 state signatures and 14 ratifications (most recently New Zealand) and will enter into force when signed and ratified by 50 UN member states. It is seen as a game-changer for global nuclear disarmament and follows the pattern of other significant treaties outlawing particular weaponry, such as chemical weapons, landmines and cluster munitions, which have given them pariah status.

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