Join planning meeting for the 15 Sep 2018 March & Peace Rally at Faslane

Scottish CND recognised the importance of ICAN’s work in securing the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons and the Scottish contribution to the negotiations. Scottish CND is proud that ICAN was  awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. In response,we have resolved to hold a March and Peace Rally at Faslane on the 15th September 2018

The aim is to to highlight the strength of support from many UN member states for Scotland, a country hosting nuclear weapons against its wishes and excluded from signing the ban treaty despite longing to do so. This international support can be demonstrated through a huge turnout from ICAN partners everywhere, and presents a clear challenge to the UK Government to recognise the TPNW, enter negotiations and decommission Trident.

In our 60th anniversary year, Scottish CND is Scottish CND is taking a lead in initiating the organisation of the the rally through a working group, collaborating with other ICAN partners in Scotland, the Scrap Trident Coalition and others. We will also be in liaison with ICAN International groups and CND UK to maximise promotion, support and participation in the rally.

The March and Rally will also of course highlight the continuing campaign to scrap trident and spend the money saved on decent things like Health and Education. Scottish CND are setting up a working group to plan and organise the details. The first meeting of the working group takes place on Monday February 5 at 6.30 pm in Scottish CND in the Scottish CND office at 77 Southpark Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8LE

This meeting is open to Scottish CND members and supporters and members and supporters of organisations within the wider Scottish Peace Movement.

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