This morning, 30th April, three women members of Extinction Rebellion Scotland have blockaded the main entrance to Faslane naval base, home to the UK’s nuclear weapon submarines, with three garden planters carrying the legend SAFE GREEN FUTURE.

XR Scotland said:

Nuclear weapons are an existential threat to the entire world. Stockpiling weapons with the ability to wipe out all life in order to appear tough does nothing to keep the UK or any other country safe. The ongoing environmental degradation caused by uranium mining and nuclear testing continues to be felt, particularly among pacific island nations that are also the most threatened by climate change. On top of that it Faslane has been polluting the Clyde with toxic chemicals. As the ongoing Climate and Ecological Emergency threatens people and the planet, we must come together to build a safe, more just future for all people.

ICAN partners in Scotland congratulate XR Scotland for this brilliant bit of work. Next week Scotland votes in a new parliament which must begin to build the platform for a Scotland free of weapons of mass destruction a major plank of which will be MSPs who express their unwavering commitment to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons by signing the ICAN Parliamentary Pledge.

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