Congratulations to Edinburgh for making a capital move this week, with Green Councillors introducing a resolution for the city to become part of the ICAN Cities Appeal. The Cities Appeal describes the threat that nuclear weapons pose throughout the world, and insists that we all have the right to live free from such a catastrophic threat, and its consequences for people and the environment. The adoption of the treaty in 2017 is welcomed and Westminster is asked to join it. This appeal is being made to national governments by local legislative bodies throughout the nuclear-armed states in the world. They are calling for them to get on board and join the TPNW.

Edinburgh Council have taken the opportunity to add more, and introduce their resolution in line with Edinburgh’s status as an Nuclear Free Local Authority.

By working together, we could make sure that the majority of Scottish local authorities are signed up to the ICAN Cities Appeal before too long, and where the chance arises it can be added to as Edinburgh have done, either within the resolution or as a follow up.

Activists can be sure of support from the ICAN Scottish partners working on the Cities Appeal and our voices raised together will be heard. A simple message to your local councillor can go a long way! See the resources tab on this website for more details and contact the partner organisations via the links on the right or email us hello@nuclearban.scot.

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