Don’t Bank on the Bomb Scotland intends to launch the 2019 edition of our guide to nuclear weapons divestment in Scotland next week. The report details the nuclear weapons investments of Scottish banks, Scottish local authority pension funds, Scottish universities and the Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme, and features a step-by-step guide for people who want to get involved in the divestment campaign.┬áSome of the changes in this year’s edition of the guide include:

  • the research covers 30 nuclear weapons companies compared to 22 last year;
  • detailed information on the investment policies of Scottish local authority pension funds has been added;
  • 10 Scottish universities are covered compared to last year’s five.

Our website https://nukedivestmentscotland.org/ is currently down while we update it with the new content, we will let you know when it is live again. We will also update you with details of the exact launch date and send you the press release and links to media coverage when we have these.We will be tweeting information from the guide using the hashtag #NaeCash4Nukes so please share widely if you can.
Thanks for any help you can give with this. 

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