Day 3 of the nuclear ban treaty discussions

Today we had some time off from the UN negotiations, but not from our nuclear disarmament actions. It was the day of the Women’s March to Ban the Bomb.

We decided to walk on Broklyn Bridge and we used every opportunity to show off our banner.

We met the rest of our team in Bryant Park. Not shortly after, it started to rain. The weather forecast seemed not to mention the rain and most of us were unprepared.

It rained torrentially and we were soaked in seconds. Conspiracy theories were suggesting that this was the doing of the nuclear weapons states. The weather did not stop people joining the march and walking more than an hour.

We listened to speeches and music, we chanted anti nuclear messages, sang all sorts of Scottish songs, posed for photographs and made a great impression on the rainy streets of New York city. If you want to see a very fast version of the march please check this 19 second video.

The march was very diverse, with representatives from all over the world and had lots of young campaigners. Scotland made a great impression and we are very proud to have taken part in this event. Unfortunately, some of our waterproof bags were not so waterproof and we’re now trying to rescue wet phones and passports.

We would also want to thank everybody who attended and organised the solidarity events in Scotland. It was very encouraging and it contributed to the overall success of the event. Luckily, you had better weather than us.


Flavia Tudoreanu & the rest of our Scottish Delegation




















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