The National – “SNP MSP to take a seat at international anti-nuclear weapon conference” Bill Kidd MSP will be attending the upcoming MSP for the TPNW. Cited in the article above, Kidd said: “Senator McPhedran and I look forward to strengthening the Scottish Canadian joint efforts towards nuclear disarmament, and will be proactively engaged in the 1st MSP meeting at the United Nations, Continue Reading

UNA-UK: New report on addressing British nuclear tests in Kiribati Check out this new report from UNA-UK regarding the British nuclear tests in Kiribati “The briefing shares lived experience and expert contributions from Kiribati islanders. We hope it will be useful for UK officials, parliamentarians and civil society organisations, and complement work by others on communities affected by UK Continue Reading

“CND says SNP’s NATO stance is a ‘slippery slope'” – Holyrood

Joseph Anderson writes for Holyrood about SCND’s stance on the SNP and NATO, accessed here:,cnd-criticises-snps-nato-stance “We are looking at a very slippery slope in which the anti-nuclear stance is watered down to a point that is meaningless and could end in the acceptance of a Guantanamo-type role for the Continue Reading

ICAN Australia – New Prime Minister Backs the Ban

ICAN Australia discusses the advantageous results of the recent parliamentary election, accessed here: “The election of the Albanese Labor Government heralds a new era in Australia’s approach to nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. While the previous government shunned the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, the Australian Labor Continue Reading

HeraldScotland Letters: “Trident’s fate must be sealed before Scotland tries to join NATO”

Isobel Lindsay penned a letter to The Herald, accessed here: “What is crucial for an independent Scotland is that the TPNW is ratified before any application for Nato membership (“Nato and EU would be cornerstones of security says Sturgeon”, The Herald, May 17). If the Trident issue is not clearly settled, Continue Reading