As September 20th Sign-up Day Approaches . . .

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) will soon be open for signing by the world’s nations. We are very hopeful that there will be many signings on the day itself and soon after. News of the signings as they come in will be on this website, and via social media outlets – Scottish CND, Scrap Trident Coalition and ICAN UK so you can share widely.

To help us prepare, the founding chair of ICAN, world renowned authority on the impact of nuclear weapons, Professor Tilman Ruff, was on a rare visit to the UK from Australia. As the US and North Korea exchanged threats, Tilman was in Edinburgh describing the catastrophic effects on the world’s climate of even a regional nuclear war. Speaking about the TPNW he told his audience that amongst the international disarmament community the UK was considered to be the nuclear-armed states that is most likely to change its status and sign the Treaty. He even went so far as to say that “ the role of Scotland is of huge global significance”.

Responding to our global role Scotland now has four ICAN partner organisations: Scottish CND, UN House; Medact; Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre. Plans are being made to spread the word and play our parts together.

Here’s some things you can do immediately:

1. Write and tell the UK Prime Minister to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

2. Send ICAN’S parliamentary pledge for the TPNW to your own MP and to your constituency MSP and all your 7 list MSPs. Highlight Scotland’s position in your letters or emails

3. Read the Treaty Text. Scottish ICAN Partners will have hard copies to pick up soon, along with a new campaigners’ leaflet which will be distributed to any interested groups.

4. Use the TPNW to re-frame your discussions about nuclear disarmament.

5. Help us stop the #NukesofHazard convoys from taking Trident warheads on public roads. See for more information and see for the new report “Unready Scotland”.

6.Check out TPNW opportunities in Scotland through partner organisations, Scottish CND, UN House, Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre and Medact .

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