The case for the ban

We should ban nuclear weapons because:

  • they are the most inhumane weapons;
  • today’s nukes are thousands of times more powerful & could kill millions in one go;
  • all the other Weapons of Mass Destruction are banned already;
  • their risk is unacceptable and accidents happen;
  • they don’t differentiate between military targets and hospitals or nurseries;
  • they harm and contaminate our environment;
  • radioactivity persist for thousands of years;
  • a nuclear war would lead to catastrophic global climate change, famine and human extinction;
  • we cannot afford 15,000+ nuclear weapons draining our much needed resources;
  • they fail to address terrorism and cyber war and  make us a vulnerable target;
  • we want to avoid regional nuclear arms races & prevent other countries developing them.

Please have a look here for a more detailed argumentation or visit the resources section.