SCND TPNW 24th January 2020

Cockburn, Gail Lythgoe, Janet Fenton, David French, David Mackenzie,
Flavia Tudoreanu, Lynn Jamieson (online) and Felix Mensah (online),
Lesley Taylor.

Ann Ballinger; Tony Fitzpatrick

Composition of the working group. There are other areas uncovered by representations. Gil Saunderson could be contacted re Fife. We will include Mike Arnott in the invitation, For Arran the contact will be John Page. Emma compile list of these contacts and the invitation to them will go along with these minutes (David).

Next Phase. We will be urging MSPs and to attend the NPT (April/May); Entry into Force will be acquiring momentum (we will reach out to Irish CND via Janet and the office); work on the Cities Appeal; outcomes and follow-up from Paris Forum.

Paris Forum: Attending will be Flavia, Emma, Gail, Alba, Gordon Dickson (plus 2 young Greens), Anne McCullagh-DLyske, a contact via Mike of the Edinburgh Yes Hub, an intern from the P&J Centre, Dagmar Schwitzgebel, an intern from UN House Scotland, Janet; Grace Quinn who is sponsored by ICAN. All attendees are asked focus on feedback and engagement with their own circle Images from the Forum will be important for sharing in Scotland (David to be alert). Attenders will be able to post directly to Short videos would be good. On return attenders could continue the teamwork with joint presentations etc.

Following this discussion, we agreed it is important to let ICAN internationally know what we have been doing recently as well as reporting to them on after work from forum..

Cities Appeal. Lots of scope since both Greens and SNP as parties support the TPNW and councillors can be reminded of this. NFLA works at political level and includes divestment in the ask . We agreed to focus on the simple sign up to the Cities Appeal especially in Local Authorites not members of NFLA. Following discussion about whether to go for an immediate approach to all councils we agreed to go in the first instance for an extended target group: Aberdeen; Dundee; Inverness; Dumfries and Galloway; North Ayrshire; Stirling. We will work through the local CND or similar groups. Gail will draft a letter for the groups and a model letter to be sent to local councillors. Agreed to inform Sean at NFLA about what we are doing so as to avoid confusions (Janet or David?). There are complexities in Aberdeen which has left the NFLA and Aberdeen CND currently considering who best to work through on the council.

Parliamentary Pledge. David French will check up on status of signatures in the light of changes arising from the general election and also changes at Holyrood (such as Sarah Boyack) . The updated status should be posted on and ICAN informed

Next Round Table 7th April from 2-4 in Glasgow hosted by SCND. Office to arrange room in Wellington Church.

Alignment campaign. We already have the basic trifold leaflet which will be adapted for the presentation (Lesley). Emma agreed to develop an online invitation using the leaflet content to enable individuals and groups to get on board. Emma will explore design plus costs and feasibility of a lapel pin to be awarded to signatories to the personal alignment programme – which should mainly be an online process – with proposals ready for next Exec meeting. Cost of the lapel pin could possibly be shared with ICAN UK.

We discussed ways of sharing ideas and text more generally. In the context of this discussion Gail offered to do a training on the use of Google Docs/Drive for cloud sharing. This would be for the Exec plus staff as a whole, not just this working group.

Agreed for Janet to set up a Googlegroup for this working group.

Staff Time. Emma calculates this as ½ day’s work for the lapel pin work and other minor items. The time and commitment of staff needs to be outlined and agreed by Exec

Reporting to Exec. This will be done as per template being worked on (David to Discuss with Gordon on standard template for working groups).

Next Meeting: 21st February in the office at 2 p.m.

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