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Our Plans in Scotland

All round the world people will celebrate. Despite COVID stopping our gatherings we can be be wily and smart and ensure Scotland knows the good news! Plans are in the pipeline, submit details of yours to

More To Do in Scotland

  • Watch out on the day and in the run up for our Mobile trailer with billboards and our wee van with decals near the Scottish Parliament, the Scotland Office and other iconic sites. Giant posters, projections and displays around Scotland all to publicise the Treaty. Celebrity attendees speaking out in the media and at key points.
  • Edinburgh has billboards around town and see the banners and flags on places of worship as well as in homes and shops
  • On the 22nd, we are asking everyone to come to your windows and your doors at 12.00 and hear bells ring out from churches and as town criers announcing the news.
  • Kenspeckle Scots for the TPNW -support from figures from civil, religious and cultural life. Check out the list so far, and see what they are saying.
  • The Kenspeckles ar producing new songs and poems to share. There will be a virtual ‘gig’ coming sometime ter the 22nd so watch out and get tickets. Broadcasts, podcasts and academic institutions hosting webinars
  • new report from Don’t Bank On The Bomb Scotland to strengthen divestment

(And in London, Newcastle, Hexham, Bristol, Sheffield Brighton and other parts of the country, plans afoot with the window banner, copies of the Treaty and the new handbook and other resources from ICAN International – check out the UK update link above!)

  • Form a group (Zoom) to learn about the Treaty. Read it – on line, or get a hard copy. Do the Scottish CND TPNW Quiz together with friends. Find out here what other peace groups are doing and join in.
  • Plan a celebration for entry into force on the 22 January. Put a poster, a flag or a banner in your window to remind your neighbours that NUCLEAR WEAPONS ARE BANNED – get one from SCND or UN House or by emailing
  • Use social media accounts to find and share updates and developments. Follow/like Scottish CND and ICAN in the UK, and nuclearban and NuclearBanS #nuclearban #TPNW and #BairnsnotBombs
  • Do your own press work! As well as letter to editors, send pictures and press releases to local as well as national papers. Radio phone-in shows offer a chance to publicise the Treaty.
  • Check your investments and pension funds and order the new report from Don’t Bank on the Bomb Scotland


If you are a member of a political party, a special interest group or indeed any organisation,  you can always work to get the ban treaty onto the agenda…

  • You could organise a social or entertainment event with a ban theme, perhaps with input from well-known musicians and/or a short presentation on the issue.
  • Ask one of our speakers to come to one of your meetings or events.
  • Organise a street stall or a canvasing action.
  • Contact us at or phone 07795594573

Work directly on the Cities Appeal:

NFLA, Trident Ploughshares, Scottish CND, UN House Scotland, Don’t Bank On The Bomb Scotland, Scottish Green CND Network. Link to International Campaign below:

Check out your elected representative

ensure that they are signed up to the Parliamentarian Pledge. If they already are, lets ensure that they speak out publicly to welcome Entry into Force on the 22nd January

ICAN Parliamentarians Pledge

Put your money where your mouth is

and the bombs aren’t! Get all the guidance you need to divest and make sure your bank, pension etc do the same!

Don’t Bank on the Bomb Scotland