What do the papers say?

In the month since the agreement on the Nuclear Ban treaty in New York coverage of this momentous event has been a little thin in the Scottish main stream media, but more thorough in the social media. You can read … Continue reading

Public Meeting: All you need to know about the ban.

The Scottish CND Global Ban Treaty Working Group are organising a public meeting on on Wed,  23rd of Aug at 7 pm in the Rainbow Room of the Quaker Meeting House (38 Elmbank Crescent Glasgow G2 4PS). The United Nations … Continue reading

Message to US, Democratic Republic of Korea and all nuclear armed states

The already dangerous crisis in Korea has escalated further with the reckless rhetoric emanating from both the United States and the Democratic Republic of Korea. The wild threats issued by both sides only inflame an already explosive situation. If acted … Continue reading

When you write your MP or MSP, here is an easy ask. Ahead of the negotiations for the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) enlisted support from 856 parliamentarians in … Continue reading


There is a great opportunity to hear the author of this article, Tilman Ruff, at a public meeting on the evening of Friday 8th September at the Quaker Meeting House, Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh. Tilman is an Australian public health and … Continue reading

‘ The UK will never….’

There has been a written question to the Defence Secretary as a follow up to  Patrica Gibson’s  question in the house last week. Apparently there are different kinds of multilateral disarmament and we’ve picked the wrong one! Nuclear Weapons: Written … Continue reading

Coulport Disarmament camp :Brian & Angie imprisoned till 3rd August

As part of the action to highlight the Global Ban Treaty and Scotland’s position as a reluctant host of nuclear weapons there is currently a disarmament camp at Coulport. A number of people have been arrested, and two long term … Continue reading

Defence Secretary thinks the Treaty should not apply to the UK

‘We do not support this treaty, we do not think it should apply to the UK, and if it is voted on we will not accept it’ So said Michael Fallon, Secretary of State for Defence, on the Global Ban … Continue reading

Not quite the last word, but . . .

Not quite the last word but a splendid summary of of the significance of the UN nuclear weapon treaty. Author Ray Acheson was a strong collaborator friend of the late John Ainslie. The new reality Ray Acheson 8 July 2017 … Continue reading

We Banned the Bomb

Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons Adopted at UN After a decade-long effort by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), and 72 years after their invention, today states at the United Nations formally adopted a treaty which categorically prohibits nuclear … Continue reading