Scottish ICAN Round Table – January 2019

The first Scottish Round Table discussion of 2019 was hosted by one of the partners, Scottish CND. The round table is not a coalition like Scrap Trident or the Scottish Peace Network. It is an opportunity for ICAN Partner Organisations … Continue reading

Disarming Women From Paris

In February the YesHub in Edinburgh supported three folk to join the Paris Forum organised by ICAN France. Three (very different) women went to Paris thanks to the sponsorship. Anna Karisto is currently pursuing a nuclear disarmament internship with Edinburgh … Continue reading

US “usable” nukes and war game a wake-up call for the world

Almost every week seems to bring us closer to the edge of nuclear catastrophe, most recently the news that the US is deploying the weapons and doing the war games for “limited” nuclear war. There are however signs, albeit small, … Continue reading

The US/UK Warhead Deal

In is important to note that the missiles on the UK nuclear weapon submarines are not British but are leased from the US. Indeed the UK does not have the facility to remove the missiles from its four Vanguard class … Continue reading

Scottish campaigners head for Paris disarmament forum

ICAN in Scotland1 Press Release: 13th February 2020 – for immediate use A group of Scottish anti-nuclear campaigners are today travelling to Paris to take part in a major international disarmament forum called by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear … Continue reading

Brian Quail on “Usable” Nukes

Dear Sir, “We only have it to prevent anybody ever using nuclear weapons on us. It will never actually be used. It’s just a deterrent”. This, the universal mantra of the apologist for Trident, is rehashed ad nauseam – in spite … Continue reading

SCND TPNW 24th January 2020

Emma Cockburn, Gail Lythgoe, Janet Fenton, David French, David Mackenzie, Flavia Tudoreanu, Lynn Jamieson (online) and Felix Mensah (online), Lesley Taylor. Apologies: Ann Ballinger; Tony Fitzpatrick Composition of the working group. There are other areas uncovered by representations. Gil Saunderson … Continue reading

Model MP/MSP Appeal

Skeleton letter for you to adjust and send to your elected representatives at Holyrood and Westminster. Use They Work for You website if you are not sure of the names. Please forward letter and replies to Dear MSP or … Continue reading

NPT and the TPNW at the UN

This year, our Scottish Parliamentarians have a unique opportunity to join diplomats and governments to advocate for nuclear disarmament, not just from Scotland but for the world. Can you help make that happen? Here’s the background and why it’s important. … Continue reading

Scottish Solidarity for New States Joining the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Today is the United Nations International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons and as additional nations prepare to use that occasion to sign or ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), MSPs, councillors and ordinary … Continue reading

Don’t Bank on the Bomb Scotland: “Scottish LA pension funds bankroll nuke manufacture.”

Today the nuclear weapon divestment campaign Don’t Bank on the Bomb Scotland launched it’s new report on investment in nuclear weapon manufacture by Scottish institutions, including local authority pension funds. Full report is here The story has been reported by … Continue reading