Join planning meeting for the 15 Sep 2018 March & Peace Rally at Faslane

Scottish CND recognised the importance of ICAN’s work in securing the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons and the Scottish contribution to the negotiations. Scottish CND is proud that ICAN was  awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. In response,we have resolved … Continue reading

Sweden Defies US Over Ban Treaty

Sweden is openly resisting pressure from the US and NATO to prevent it from signing the UN Nuke Ban Treaty, the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Although Sweden is not a member of NATO it co-operates with the … Continue reading

Press coverage of Nobel Prize

Here are some links of the recent press coverage related to the Nobel Peace Prize Award. Many thanks to all the campaigners working to get this covered. Common Space Scottish peace activists head for Nobel Peace Prize procession with backing … Continue reading

Video message from Scotland at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Parts of this video message from Scotland was shown on the big screens at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo. It’s been seen live on TV by millions of people. Watch the full concert here. The international campaigners video … Continue reading

Nobel Peace Prize & the Scottish team photos & videos

Watch the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony here. Watch a clip from the torch procession here. Watch Nobel Peace Prize Concert – video message from ICAN campaigners from minute 48.37 – watch out for the bits from Scotland

Nobel speeches ICAN

NOBEL LECTURE GIVEN BY THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE LAUREATE 2017, ICAN, DELIVERED BY BEATRICE FIHN AND SETSUKO THURLOW, OSLO, 10 DECEMBER 2017 BEATRICE FIHN Your Majesties, Members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Esteemed guests. Today, it is a great honour … Continue reading


Today First Minister Nicola Sturgeon handed over a torch to the group of Scots who will join the torchlight procession in Oslo on Sunday 10th December, when the Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded to ICAN, for their work towards … Continue reading

PEACE IS THE PRIZE – A party near you this weekend?

Across Scotland this coming weekend people will be celebrating the award on Sunday in Oslo of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to ICAN for their work towards the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)1 which was adopted by … Continue reading


With the mass signing today by all SNP MSPs a clear and cross-party majority of Scottish parliamentarians are now committed to work for the new UN nuclear ban treaty – the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons 1(TPNW). At Holyrood all SNP and … Continue reading

Catholic Church Comes Out Against POSSESSION of Nukes – Nuke Ban Treaty is Moving the Plates

Here’s another sign that the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons is already changing the dynamics around nuclear weapons. Last Friday (10th November) Pope Francis made a hugely significant speech about nuclear weapons. Up to now the Catholic Church has allowed … Continue reading