The Global Ban Treaty – Scotland’s part

Scotland has the potential capacity to disarm a nuclear-armed state if we stand with the overwhelming majority of UN members who want to ban the most destructive weapon ever invented, instead of relying on the UK Government and its nuclear-armed allies

Draft treaty released

DRAFT TREATY RELEASED People in Scotland have been chanting ‘ban the bomb’ since the first US weapons came up the Clyde, so let’s be celebrating this week’s big news! The chair of the UN Conference to ban the bomb, Costa … Continue reading

Hibakusha visit to Scotland to highlight the nuclear ban

The Scottish peace movement was privileged to host two Japanese A-bomb survivors, known as Hibakusha, during March 2017. The visit coincided with the dates of the first session of the critical UN negotiations for a nuclear ban treaty. Reiko Yamada and Midori … Continue reading

A UN ban on nuclear weapons is on the way

By the last day of the first session of the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty discussions in New York, there was an exuberant excitement in the room at the enormous significance of what is under way. 132 UN Member states participated … Continue reading

UK protest at the UN Ban Treaty discussions

Over 120 UN states have started this week the negotiations to develop a legally binding instrument for the prohibition of nuclear weapons, along the lines of the bans on chemical weapons and landmines. The UK Government decided to use its … Continue reading